apogee workflow software

Organisations of every size and type can benefit from the Apogee Suite of workflow managment products. With Apogee, Agfra Graphics offers a comprehensive and integrated workflow solution, designed by professionals for professionals and ommitted to offering the highest degree of reliability.

The Apogee workflow software enables commercial printers to manage all possible production output from a single user interface. As such, it perfectly aligns and fuses different software modules into one streamlined whole. But there’s more. The latest version of Apogee – Apogee 10- brings new tools, an improved performance, and unique cloud-based alternative.


arziro design

Powerful security design tool for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting purposes for general security printing applications such as vouchers, documents, tickets, cards, tax stamps, labels, packages…


arkitex intellitunex

Automatic, Intelligent Image Processing

Today’s challenge is automating the imaging process in a newspaper environment, where images come in with large variations in quality and consistency.

:Arkitex IntelliTuneX meets that challenge, offering you an intelligent, production-minded solution to guarantee that you can consistently publish the highest quality images. We have listened to our customers and continue to improve :Arkitex IntelliTune, the much-requested version running on a PC platform is now available.


arkitex optilink

Reduce Ink Costs While Preserving Print Quality

Readers expect higher quality, advertisers and publishers demand it. Yet costs continue to climb. That’s why Agfa stays committed to keeping print quality high and production costs low.

:Arkitex OptiInk automatically reduces ink con- sumption on offset presses while maintaining the highest possible print quality. It automatically analyses PDF files and determines the exact amount of ink needed to produce the best quality. The result is perfect output using less ink.

Easy-to-use sliders allow additional fine tuning without having to make new profiles. :Arkitex OptiInk puts you in control of both the quality and the cost.


arkitex production

A new generation of newspaper prepress software, enabling publishers to operate with greater economy and ef ciency and meet ever-tightening deadlines with ease.

Arkitex Production is a work ow solution with a range of integrated functions to manage and automate newspaper production from the publisher to the printer. This includes publisher planning, le delivery, pre ighting, approval, ripping, imposition, device management and multi-site distribution, optionally all the way to the press. Quality control and enhancement are also an integrated part of the solution. Arkitex Production is also available as a SaaS offering, fully deployable in the cloud.


veripress for arkitex

Veripress is an advanced on-press softproofing system that has been fully integrated into the :Arkitex Director workflow. It provides precise on screen colour reproduction, negating the need for hardcopy proofs.